disused building

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c08/08/2018does anyone know what the story is with the disused office building across from the Oblates? On the corner of the industrial park. The windows are all smashed but it looks like some of the rooms have furniture in them and wallpaper on the walls. Is it being converted to apartments or are people just squatting in it?
k09/08/2018I think there was planning permission to change that building from offices to a hostel.
Alan c09/08/2018Dublin City Council granted planning permission (ref 3765/17) for "Change of use of existing office building to 21 no. short stay tourist accommodation units"
Specific conditions are that they are used as apart-hotel/student accomodation short stay only and no self contained units are allowed. Max stay is 2 months on the planning conditions.
Alan c09/08/2018Looking through the documents shows this will be part of
C10/08/2018that might be quite good for the area and will really make that prominent building look a lot nicer. Thanks for the info.