St Patrickís Athletic History

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Dermot Looney26/07/2018Hi all.

St Patrickís Athletuc FC celebrates 90 years next year. I have started a history research project on St Patís with the hope of eventually releasing a history book on the club - something which we have never had.

The likes of Pat OíCallaghan have been fantastic in helping me getting started. I have talked to quite a few fans and have many more on the list to speak with in the coming weeks and months.

I am currently working on the first phase, concerning the early history of St Patrickís Athletic. This covers:

The predecessors of the club going back to 1898;
The foundation of the club in 1929;
The early years in junior football;
The rise through non-League Football until 1950.

Iíd love to talk to those with memories of our days before LOI Football, and to those whose family members played for, supported or were involved off the field during this time. If anyone has photos, documents, clippings or other material I would be delighted to see them - nothing will be permanently taken!

Later on in the project we will look at our successful entry into LOI Football and the history of the club from the 50ís to now, but Iím concentrating for the moment on the earlier days.

You can email me at . Iíve found a few nice bits and pieces so far and am posting these to a Twitter page at for now.

Many thanks,