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Kevin24/07/2018I see on this site that the topics have been removed just in time for the news about the plans for new homes in inchicore. Trying to keep it quite about the antisocial behaviour in inchicore so buyers will invest in this new project
Tom24/07/2018Yep. What happened to the 'Gangs hanging around the shops' thread? There for years and now suddenly disappeared?
Paul25/07/2018There's plenty of space here for lively, fair discussion of the issues. Too many posts strayed into abuse, unproven allegations, etc and I had no alternative but to take down the entire thread. The laws of the country apply to this forum as much as any other place.
John20/08/2018Hi, there was a big altercation on spa road outside spar on Saturday afternoon. The road was closed and 2 Garda vans were on the scene. Does anyone know what was going on?
kEgan20/08/2018Heard today Gardai chasing car down Spa Road, stopped oppos Spar. Arrested 2 men and removed guns from car. I was not around but I believe all the usual knack kids appeared. Probably related to what was arrested.
Same kids kicking in windows and glass door on Tramyards on a weekly basis. Yes I agree that thread "gangs around Shops"vanished.
Sad to think residents cannot be objective and tell it as it is.
What u did by removing the thread displays ur cowaradness. I have printscreen of entire thread and I will post on fb with special mention of ur act as moderator
Wendy22/08/2018Take a look this story, this 8 year old child who done these stabbings has been causing havoc on Spa road since he could walk, its scary to think this is going on.
Megan 22/08/2018Hi Wendy, do you know who the 8 year old is? Where did the stabbing happen?
Caz22/08/2018Megan, it was Myra Close, some of our finest live there.
Caz22/08/2018The irish times are reporting it now but it’s now a 9 year old and no proof he stabbed anyone. They are still all scum.
Wendy Leech24/08/2018Just saw those two little scumbag brothers who live across from the Drimnagh Luas stop attack a foreign couple on spa road.
Wendy06/09/2018OMG they just tried to hijack a car and beat the driver up on spa road.
Kevin06/09/2018Seen the little kids running riots causing havoc all the time . The big LADS influenceing these to carry on like that them 2 boys from drimnagh are lost causes alltogether and their aunty and uncle live in tyrone place quite aware of there behaviour needs to stop asap . Also noticed the bigger lads are not hanging around as much because they have these children doing there dirty work
Wendy07/09/2018WTF can be done about this, I'm going to have to move out if this continues?
raymond09/09/2018I saw these brats throwing potatoes at a young respectable chap. there were also 2 nuns going home from mass almost got hit. then they threw potatoes at cars, they then went to emmet court when they started throwing at black people most were from drimnagh but one was cian from tyrone place
Daniel 09/09/2018There were two fires at the back of emmet road during the last two weeks, some kids were hanging around after the fires and looking around. Not sure if they had anything to do with it but there is tonnes of anti social behaviour going on in the lane behind Emmet road opposite Camac Close. That road needs to be shut or the council should install cameras before there is a very serious incident.
Kevin09/09/2018The gardai have a lot to do with this going on as we all know most of these boys are from drimnagh and yet theres nothing been done to keep them out of the area..WHERE ARE THERE MOTHERS AND FATHERS ??? i see the greens and cawleys are not around as much anymore and yet the place has only got worse so the last few months have really opened my eyes about where most of the antisocial was actually coming from..correct me if im wrong just my opinion
Wendy Leech09/09/2018Think it's best not to mention names as the post will be pulled again. The kids running amok at the minute is a mix of kids form Drimnagh and inchicore but most of them are from two extended families. I live in Thomas court, just a few minutes ago they attacked a delivery driver.
kEgan11/09/2018For updates please go to Keogh Square Facebook page and read "Why I had no choice but to move out of Inchicore"
It is dreadful and relates to these same kids, this lady describes her time living in Inchicore, where she rented.
These feral kids are completely out of control!
J Molloy 24/09/2018All be careful with security in your homes a house 2 doors from me broken into and there car robbedon Saturday night
Mick25/09/2018 Saw a horde of these brats, maybe about 12 or 15 of them, charge in to Tesco this evening as I cycled past. I stopped to see what was happening, they ran back out with handfuls of packets of popcorn and crisps. It looks like Tesco have put popcorn just inside the main door on the right hand side, not a good idea in a place like Inchicore.
Declan28/09/2018I saw them as well Mick, all “ethnic “ Irish. I could name them but won’t but most of them are from the bluebell flats. Mick, if they put 500 flats in Inchicore, there won’t be a Tesco. I get my groceries delivered, that will end. The people in Raheny won there fight, after planning permission had been approved, why can’t the people in Inchicore do the same?
Toby07/02/2019Has anyone else noticed that there is gangs of teens hanging around on bikes and breaking into cars regularly the last few weeks. They seem to be out and about once darkness falls in the evenings.
John03/03/2019Yes, noticed nowadays cycle gang is hanging around.
They are very dangerous, why politicians and Garda are not doing anything.
We should stand united and in case of incident support fellow residents.
Please report or send email to media.
John03/03/2019Summer is coming ..u can expect more incidents.
Pls email to media and put pressure on Garda to provide patrolling for this area.
John25/06/2019Today some teenagers were chasing a man and tried to beat him first outside and then inside Tyrone court. Why not Garda taking any action on these teens. They are antisocial and dangerous.
Garda should put parents of these teens behind bar along with these juviniles.
John25/06/2019Today some teenagers were chasing a man and tried to beat him first outside and then inside Tyrone court. Why not Garda taking any action on these teens. They are antisocial and dangerous.
Garda should put parents of these teens behind bar along with these juviniles.
Harry03/07/2019John, I 100% agree with. I know who those teens are and so do the Gardaí. There is a lot of out reach work going on with them. I think generally anti social behavior has nearly stopped but of course there will always be some scum causing trouble, that happens everywhere in Dublin.
Harry 03/07/2019A lot of these teenagers come from very difficult backgrounds. Inchicore has enough problem Children, no room for anymore.
J 23/07/2019Kids aged between 9/11 kicked a business window through and the guarda can’t do anything about it.
Nobody stands up to these scrum they ruin the area
Thomas24/07/2019Have you tried reporting this to Garda upon seeing the incident or afterwards? You would be surprised how responsive they are to incidents like this.

If we want to make the neighborhood safe and friendly we all need to report incidents like this.

Please don't hesitate to call or email Garda in the future if you see antisocial behavior. This can be done on +35316669700 which is non emergency contact for the nearest Garda station in Kilmainham.
J24/07/2019Of coarse it was reported the Garda are powerless and that’s why this behavior is continuing. More needs to be done to protect the community it’s outrageous! inchicore is full lovely people and is being bullied by 9/11 year olds
Dave27/07/2019Kids are not the problem. Peer pressure, things to do are. Man, the guards aren’t social workers, they’ll do what the law requires. Can ruin a young life! Let insurance deal with breakages, we f-ing pay enough!
K.Egan29/07/2019Gosh Dave you have an amazing attitude . When you have insurance claim, you then have a loading on your annual insurance costs. If its you car window which is smashed, (happened in my case) then you are without car probably for 2 days, lost of earnings etc.
Bless your naivety "kids are kids, they have nothing to do, long summer".
Very helpful comments ????
J02/08/2019Dave you sound as ridiculous as the “parents” who own these kids.
There needless actions have huge repercussions on every aspect of the victims life. Financial, socially and emotionally.
Have a nice long walk around inchicore Dave talk to neighbors, businesses and perhaps the Garda, even have a trip to Catherine Byrne you’ll be wildly shocked with the behavior that comes from these kids.
Seems you are one of the parents belong to these kids. It's not just a matter of financial loss , sometimes they attack with bottles, try to rob and speak nonsense. Hope they shouldn't break your head one day :)
Hope you could claim med insurance after they break your head :)
Richie08/08/2019Have seen a number of incidents over the past few days involving a bunch of young lads around 10-12 years old. One where they destroyed a locked bike near the Luas stop (I was driving so couldn't stop), and yesterday they were robbing stuff from the Today shop across from Apple Green and chased out by the owner. Both times they walked off down the canal so could be from the Drimnagh area? Definitely worth mentioning to the Guards if there are numerous incidents involving the same group, they may be known to them.