Broadband in the CIE Estate

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Ed Brophy28/05/2009I am frustrated at the fact that there is no availability of cable broadband from UPC (previously NTL) in the CIE Estate, with the result that we are reliant on eircom or providers like BT who simply re-sell eircom services. I have seen UPC vans and work crews around the wider Inchicore / Kilmainham area a lot recently, so clearly they are doing some network upgrades around here, but as of yet they have no plans to extend this to the CIE Estate. I think this is pretty short-sighted on their part, as my impression is that internet penetration here is high and that there is plenty of pent-up demand for cable broadband. As such, I would like to organise a petition of residents who would be interested in availing of cable broadband if it were available here; the idea would be to present this to UPC so that they would have no excuse that the demand was not there. Similar 'demand aggregation' schemes are used successfully to pressure providers in the UK and elsewhere. To get the ball rolling, please send me a simple reply confirming that you would be interested in cable broadband if it were available. Many thanks. Ed
Niamh Flood28/05/2009I'm interested Ed. Sign me up.
John Newberry01/06/2009Ed
I share your frustration as I tried to purchase NTL's phone/broadband package in November. Add my name to your list. John
Kade Beasley03/06/2009Ed, you can include me on your list. Cheers Kade
Ed Brophy04/06/2009Thanks to everyone who has responded to date. I want to present a list of people who would be interested to UPC in the next couple of weeks so if anyone else would be keen on having an additional broadband service in the CIE Estate, please let me know.
Gerry Mc Geough04/06/2009Ed,
We too are having problems with broadband and would also like to access Ntl.
Thanks for your work on this,
Danny Keleher05/06/2009Ed, We too are keen to sign up to UPC broadband if it were available in the area. Many thanks. Danny Keleher
Danny Keleher05/06/2009Ed, We too are keen to sign up to UPC broadband if it were available in the area. Many thanks. Danny Keleher
Sarah Madigan17/06/2009Hi Ed,

actualy we're not totally "reliant on Eircom or providers who simply re-sell Eircom services."

Our local exchange - Dolphins Barn - has been unbundled and now offers ADSL2+ services of up to 24mb/s.

To investigate higher bandwidth broadband services in our area I first went to the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) website

and found a link from there to the call costs broadband calculator:

Where I then chose:

a) Always on broadband plans
b) Product Headline Speed of 8mb and above
c) Include the cost of telephone line rental across all broadband services

I then accepted the terms and conditions.

I then selected "ALL" as the filtering criterion which gave four providers:

Chorus NTL (=> UPC => Cablelink) which you are already pursuing.

That left three ADSL2+ products:

BT Broadband Option 3

Smart 24mb

Digiweb Metro Xtra

BT offer the best deal in terms of price but they have a higher contention ratio (24:1). Smart are a little bit more expensive but have a perfect contention ratio (1:1). Digiweb seem a bit pricey especially given their poor contention ratio (36:1)

Has anyone experience of any of the products above?

They might represent a viable (and timely) alternative to UPC a.k.a. NTL a.k.a. Cablelink.

Goodness a fire in Inchicore...must dash...

Danny Keleher25/06/2009That's very interesting Sarah... thanks... A few days ago we got a flyer through the letter box from Perlico too... Though, it would be nice if NTL/UPC were available as an alternative. I am assuming that there must be some techincal difficulty that is preventing NTL/UPC from being made available here...
F.Kelliher17/07/2009I don't live on the CIE Estate itself but over on Ring Street/Terrace.
I would also be interested in connecting up with the NTL service if it was available.
I rang NTL up twice over the past year and was told on both occasions that the service wasnt available in Inchicore yet.
I'd be interested in hearing how you get on.

I would wish they would stop sending us Chorus NTL flyers if the service isnt available in our area.
John Farrelly21/07/2009I spoke to NTL yesterday about this and they have no plans on upgrading the Inchicore area at present so "no plans" would mean that its definitely not going to happen in the next year, I did ask if there was somewhere that we could register our interest but there isnt. Someone from the Technical side will ring me back at some stage and if I hear anything I will let the Forum know.
Sarah Madigan21/07/2009UPC have announced plans to spend 90m upgrading their network to optical fibre:

so perhaps there is hope...

John Farrelly22/07/2009Recieved a call back from NTL. The Inchicore/Kilmainham area is not due for upgrade until May 2010 and it is unlikely that services will be available before August 2010...
F.Kelliher30/07/2009Thanks for looking into that John.
Looks like we will have to wait until next summer.
Its good that the issue was raised with NTL.
D04/07/2010UPC fibre-optic cables for Broadband are currently being installed in the CIE Estate. Hopefully the service will be switched on in the coming weeks/months.

By the way, if anybody in the area is asked by UPC for their permission to excavate part of youy property to install a cable, then you should ask for compensation. The going rate in other parts of the City is about 25 per month off your Cable TV bill for as long as you continue to reside in that house. If you're not planning on moving, that could be a good few quid !
Peter McDonagh15/07/2010There have been complaints by some Inchicore residents about the contractor doing the works on behalf of UPC. Is this cranks with nothing better to do or are there genuine complaints ?
Mark N16/07/2010Lots of noise from trucks and diggers outside my house at 10.45 pm on Wednesday night. Not the first time. No regard for residents.

fkell31/08/2010Does anyone have any update on when UPC is coming to Inchicore?

I rang UPC today and they could'nt provide me with any idea of when we could get connected.

Imagine WiMax arent live yet either.

Ed04/09/2010I just got 30MB broadband from them last week and its working a treat
bob18/02/2012broadband providers in Inchicore area:
UPC : 30MB fibre broadband
Smart telecom: up to 40MB fibre broadband
Eircom: high contention, copper wire network

Pretty good options in Ireland