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Pat Kiernan11/06/2018TOTAL COUNTRY INCHICORE plays with the best in Classic Country, Hot Country and Country n' Irish online 24 hours a day.

With information on local news and events for Kilmainham and Inchicore, we're bringing Country to the 'Core online, on mobile and on the air.

Tune in via the TuneIn app, Reciva enabled internet radios, via or through our website

Specialist shows include CD TEX radio show with Texan RedDirt Country, Irish In The Afternoon -two hours of Country n'Irish weekdays from 12pm, Dolly After Dark - 60 minutes of non-stop Dolly Parton daily at 10pm, The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk show - Tuesdays at 7pm and Saturday at 8pm, The All Saints Show Mondays and Thursdays at 7pm, plus local news hourly with I.N.R. - Inchicore News Round.

Do tune in.
Pat Kiernan 25/06/2018Tune in to the Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show this Tuesday and Friday at 7pm on or search Inchicore on the TuneIn App.

The Raggle Taggle - The golden oldie Celtic Folk show featuring music and song from the days of olde! Finn Barr will be spinning long lost ol’ vinyl records that will breathe new life into forgotten and discarded nostalgic records.
Pat Kiernan09/07/2018A highlight on this week's Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk show is Brendan Behan singing "The Old Triangle", a vinyl recording from 1959.

Raggle Taggle airs on on Tuesday and Friday at 7pm and Saturday at 8pm.

You can also tune in via the TuneIn app or via

Pat Kiernan21/08/2018Catch The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show on Tuesday and Friday at 7pm on or via (search Inchicore)

Highlights this week include "The McPeake Family" from Belfast with a song (My Own Native Land) from a 1965 album, a classic! There's also a track from Ireland's 1st hippie Band "Dr. Strangely Strange" dating back to 1969.
A couple of songs from a young Dolly Parton from 1963 when she was just 19 get an airing whilst the oldest recording on the show is from "The Flanagan Brothers", 1920s era!!

If you want a track listing, just e-mail

Pat Kiernan28/08/2018Catch The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show on Tuesday and Friday at 7pm and Saturday at 8pm on or via (search Inchicore)

The standout track this week has to be from Maureen Potter and Drmnagh’s Patricia Cahill. They form a magical partnership as they duet on ‘Moonlight and Roses’. This track is taken from a vinyl album from the early 1970s.

Finbar has also included a LIVE track from The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem where in the first 40 seconds you can hear a door slam and also a person in the audience with a bad cough. That’s the beauty of live recordings on Vinyl, yiu get to hear every little defect. This track is from 1964.

If you want a track listing for this programme (WC270818), just e-mail

Finally, we are delighted to announce also that last week’s show reached Number 32 in the Mixcloud Folk Chart and Number 49 in the Mixcloud Vinyl Chart.

Total Country Inchicore – Country to the ‘Core.
Pat Kiernan03/09/2018Catch The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show on Tuesday and Friday at 7pm and Saturday at 8pm on or via (search Inchicore)

The highlights in this show is a tribute set to Miko Russell, where we hear this Doolin legend sing one of his songs "Way Up on The Mountain Brow", a vinyl track taken from a 1974 album & then we hear from Inchicore's own Conor Byrne who is joined by Luka Bloom (AKA Barry Moore) with a tribute song to Miko titled "Hands of a Farmer".

This show has something for everyone & includes Johnny McEvoy, Billy Connolly with The Dubliners, Pecker Dunne, Johnny & June Carter Cash, The Corries, Ed Miller, John Martyn, The Watersons, The Carter Family, Hank Williams & Don McLean.

If you want a track listing for this programme (WC020918), just e-mail

Total Country Inchicore – Country to the ‘Core.
Pat Kiernan10/09/2018This week on the Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show we have a real mixed bag with a Cajun & Bluegrass set along with the usual Irish & Scottish mix.

A highlight this week is "Kilkelly" from Robbie O'Connell, Jimmy Keane & Mick Moloney.

The show starts out with a wonderful version of "40 Shades of Green", a Johnny Cash song performed by Paul Brady & Rodney Crowell.

You can catch The Raggle Taggle on Total Country Inchicore at or via the TuneIn app (search Inchicore) each Tuesday and Friday at 7pm and again on Saturday at 8pm.

Previous "Raggle Taggle" Shows can be accessed at

If you'd like a playlist for this week's show (WC090918) just e-mail

Pat Kiernan14/09/2018We've signed up two new additions to our schedule. Ben's Country Music Show is a UK Country Music show presented by CMA member Ben Atkinson-Foster and broadcast on stations across the UK each week. Ben features the best in country, roots, americana and bluegrass and the show celebrates it's 10th anniversary in 2018 and Total Country Inchicore is delighted to be the show's very first Irish outlet. Join Ben on on Wednesdays 2pm and Saturdays 4pm.

From Edinburgh we are joined by Ian's Country Music Show playing a mixture of Country music styles from both signed and unsigned artists from Nashville and beyond, not leaving any part of the world untouched as Ian searches for the best in Country music. In this vein, the show promotes newly released country music from Australia every week. Join Ian every Saturday at 6pm.

Total Country Inchicore is available on Reciva and Roberts internet radios, on the TuneIn app and on
Lynda14/09/2018I hope you great success with your radio station. Why not do an hour on people on people living in fear in Inchicore? A teenage gang rules Inchicore, everyone knows who they are but you don’t care.
Pat Kiernan18/09/2018The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show returns this week with a distinctive Cork flavor to it with artists like John Spillane, The Lee Valley String Band, Jimmy Crowley & Stokers Lodge being featured.

We've got Johnny Cash with those U2 Bhoys, a little tribute to Finbar Furey & some rare recordings from Barry Moore (Luka Bloom)...."All on the Raggle Taggle". Tuesdays and Fridays at 7pm and Saturday at 8pm

If you like Texas Red Dirt Country Music, then Total Country Inchicore is the place for you. Join Bill Green with the CD TEX Radio Show Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 2pm.

If you like your Country distinctly Irish, tune in to "Irish In The Afternoon", daily between 12pm and 2pm.

And who doesn't like Dolly Parton? We have 60 mins of Dolly Parton each night at 10pm when we bring you "Dolly After Dark".

Tune in or via TuneIn or - search Inchicore

Total Country Inchicore - Country To The 'Core
Pat Kiernan25/09/2018On The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show this week we have the usual mixture of Folk, ballads, Irish & Scottish traditional music.

Jake Thackray tells how to correctly count sheep in "Old Molly Metcalf", we also have some wonderful Scottish Country Dance music.

We finish out the show with Margaret Burke Sheridan with a rare operatic recording from 1926. Margaret Burke-Sheridan was born in Castlebar, County Mayo on October 15th 1889. Known to her friends as Maggie or Peggy, she was the youngest of five children, her father was the local postmaster.She achieved a great deal but had a very sad start & end to her life, & died back in Dublin in 1958.

The story goes that while she was performing at the prestigious "La Scala" in Turin that a guy she broke up with died in one of those "Opera Boxes" while she was on stage & it had such a massive effect on her that she stopped singing & returned to Dublin to see out her days. She is buried in Glasnevin.

Tune to The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show Tuesday and Friday at 7pm and Saturday at 8pm on and on the TuneIn App (just search 'Inchicore')

Pat Kiernan15/10/2018Another selection of Irish oldies on The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show this week however there are no Scottish or English folk included in this lot, it wasn't intentional but Dolly Parton, Jim Reeves & Harry Belafonte are included.

There are some rarities on the show with a 1956 recording from Patrick Galvin, Dominic Behan & Harry Belafonte from 1959 & also some gems from the 60's, 70 & 80's. There is also a few newer songs from Peter Byrne (a fine young singer from Inchicore’s South Square) & Cork's own John Spillane. There is also a beautiful duet that features Mary Black & Liam Clancy.

The Dominic Behan song was written by Zozimus who was an Irish street entertainer, poet & singer, he died in 1846 & was from the Liberties.

So that's The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show this Tuesday and Friday at 7pm and on Saturday at 8pm on or via the TuneIn app on your mobile device.

Don't forget "Dolly After Dark", 60 minutes of non-stop Dolly Parton each night at 10pm.

We also have Ben's Country Music Show on Wednesday at 2pm and Saturday at 4pm, where Ben brings us "This Week In Country Music" - a look back to what happened in Country music this week in years gone by.

All of this, and more, only on Total Country Inchicore, Country to The 'Core.
Pat Kiernan23/10/2018The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show returns this week to Total Country Inchicore. It's the usual blend of Scottish, Irish & English Folk with "Marianne Faithfull" in there as well singing one of the first ever "Jagger / Richards" compositions, she was also probably the first well known"Rock Chick" & was Mick Jagger's girlfriend back in the 60's.

The highlight of the show is 2 songs from an album by "Dermot Henry" where his wife at the time "Cathie Ryan" duets with him, she only features on 2 of the tracks on this 1982 album which is a pity as she gives this LP an extra bite. She lives in America & for several years was a member of the all lady traditional & very talented group named "Cherish The Ladies". She is still very much active & has a very successful solo career.

The oldest track is from 1956 & is by "Mickey & Mary Carton" & a song titled "I'll Forgive And I'll Try To Forget".

A full track listing is available by e-mailing

The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show is broadcast on Tuesday and Friday at 7pm, and again at 8pm on Saturday and can be heard online at, and on your phone via the TuneIn app. You can also play the show through her Sonos speakers or via your wifi radio. Just search Total Country Inchicore.

Pat Kiernan29/10/2018The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show returned to Total Country Inchicore this week with the usual mix, but with a difference. This show features a John Denver set along with a nice bluegrass set.

It's a show that has something for everyone including a Eric Idle / Monty Python song that will surely put a smile on your face.

We have a 1951 recording from Flatt & Scruggs with their Foggy Mountain Boys & we also have a 1956 recording from Audrey Coppard.

A full set list is available by e-mailing

The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show airs Tuesday and Friday at 7pm and Saturday at 8pm on, on the TuneIn app (search Inchicore) and You will also find the station on your internet radio.

Pat Kiernan02/11/2018On this week’s Ben’s Country Music Show you can hear songs from all the headliners announced for #C2C2019 the @C2Cfestival in London, Glasgow and Dublin.

You’ve another chance to hear the fantastic @benscountryshow this Saturday at 4pm right here on

Also available on your mobile phone. Download the TuneIn app and search 'Inchicore'.
Pat Kiernan05/11/2018It's that time of the week again where we remind you of the Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show on Inchicore and Kilmainham's very own radio station, Total Country Inchicore.

We have another mix bag of goodies in this week's show, starting out with "Ladysmith Black Mambazo" a choral group from South Africa.

They have been around since the early 60's & obviously the line up has changed over the years, they were always very popular in their own continent.

They sprung to international acclaim after they guested on Paul Simon's album Graceland where they sang on the track "Diamonds on the soles of her shoes".

Nelson Mandela was a big fan of the Mambazo's & It's interesting that his autobiography has the same title as one of their albums ""Long Walk To Freedom".

The other track that stands out is by the group Solas titled "Michael Conway" which tells the true story of Michael Conway who In 1910 left Mayo for the copper mines of Butte, Montana which was known as Shamrock City because of the influx of Irish immigrants.

At one time It had the highest percentage of Irish people in the whole of America, an interesting place!

The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show presented by Inchicore native Finn Barr can be heard online and on your mobile device on Tuesday and Friday at 7pm and again next Saturday at 8pm. Check out or seach Inchicore on TuneIn.
Pat Kiernan13/11/2018The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show returns this week with some not seeing the light of day in years.

One such album is one by an Australian group called "The Aussie Bangers" from 1979. It's a fun album so 4 songs from that LP have been included.

There is some other interesting recordings too, a few tracks from Johnny Cash from the 50's & 60's & we finish out with a 1916 recording from John McCormack.

We also have 2 songs taken from an Album from 1963 titled "The Singing Nun" by Soeur Sourire who was a Belgium Nun in a French Convent.

Soeur Sourire (Sister Smile) became an international star who eventually left the order but was hounded by the Belgium for back taxes from her time as "The Singing Nun".

It is believed that a religious Order as well as her Record Company were the ones that profited from Soeur Sourire's recordings.

It ended sadly as she & her friend (it's unsure it their relationship was more than simple friendship) together committed a double suicide in 1985 citing financial worries!

Are you old enough to remember when "Dominque" was a massive hit not only in Europe but also in the US where she outsold the likes of Elvis, the Beatles & the Stones?

The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show airs Tuesday and Friday at 7pm, and Saturday at 8pm on or on TuneIn
Pat Kiernan19/11/2018The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show returns to Total Country Inchicore this week with the usual mix of Irish & Scottish folk with a little bit of old American Country & bluegrass thrown into the mix.

We have an old reggae version of "Spancil Hill" from 1986 by Jon Kenny, better known now as one of the "Unbelievable's".

There are 9 tracks from the 60's, with a live & rare recording from Paddy Clancy with Tommy Makem from 1965. The oldest track is from 1960 from The Galliards.

Join Finn Barr on The Raggle Taggle Tuesday and Friday at 7pm and Saturday at 8pm on or on the TuneIn app - search Inchicore.

Total Country Inchicore - Country to the 'Core
Pat Kiernan20/11/2018Join Andrew Hornick on The Weekend WrapUp this Sunday at 12pm and 8pm as he plays tribute to the Country Music legend that was Roy Clark who passed away this month.

You can tune in on or via the TuneIn app - search Inchicore

Total Country Inchicore - Country to the 'Core
Pat Kiernan26/11/2018THIS WEEK'S CD TEX RADIO SHOW hosted by Bill Green airs on Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm with a repeat on Saturday at 2pm.

This week's show features:




and More.

Plus, we'll have news and happenings from the Texas Country and Red-Dirt music scene!

So if you're into your Texas Country and Red-Dirt then make sure you tune into the CD TEX Radio Show on your mobile phone via the TuneIn app, on your internet radio or Sonos speakers, or via our website
Pat Kiernan14/12/2018Don't forget this week's CD TEX RADIO SHOW with Bill Green.





and More.

Plus, news and happenings from the Texas Country and Red-Dirt music scene!

Tune in Saturday at 2pm on
Pat Kiernan17/12/2018On this week's CD TEX Radio Show with Bill Green we have music from:




and More.

For the best in Texas Red Dirt Country music, tune to the CD TEX RADIO SHOW from Austin, Texas, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 2pm on and on your mobile phone and tablet via the TuneIn App.
Pat Kiernan23/12/2018As we continue with our Christmas Country Music shows, we've added two Raggle Taggle Christmas shows into the schedule. Each show consist of 32 festive songs & tunes, 16 on each show.

The oldest recording is from 1961 & is from The McNulty Family titled "Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake".

Included are artists from all corners of the Globe. We have the Leonard Cohen classic “hallelujah” sung beautifully "as gaeilge" by Fiona Mackenzie.

Our favourite is Cherish The Ladies & "Home in Time for Christmas" followed by the anti war song "Christmas in the Trenches" from the American Folk singer John McCutcheon.

All the old Raggle Taggle mix is in there with Christy Moore, Pogues, John Spillane, Chieftains, Cherish The Ladies, Enya...+ many others.

Christmas Show 1 airs 7pm Tuesday (Christmas Day), Friday (28/12/18) and Saturday (29/12/18).

Christmas Show 2 airs 2pm Monday (Christmas Eve) and Friday (28/12/18), as well as 8pm Christmas Eve and St. Stephen's Day.

Track Listing Christmas Show 1:
The Christians and the Pagans - Dar Williams
Home in Time for Christmas - Cherish the Ladies
All on a Christmas Morning / Carol of the 12 Numbers - Cherish the Ladies
Fairytale of New York - Christy Moore
Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake - The McNulty Family
Walking in the Air - Emma Kate Tobia
Amazing Grace / Nearer God to Thee - Emmylou Harris / Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Mr. Snowman - The Henry Girls
2000 Mile - Dave Browne and the Temple Bar Band
Going Home for Christmas - Phil Coulter
A Christmas Childhood - John Spillane
Oíche Chiún (Silent Night) - Enya
The Spirit of Christmas Past - Enya
Christmas in Prison - John Prine
I Believe in Father Christmas - U2
Christmas in the Trenches - John McCutcheon

Track Listing Christmas Show 2:
Alleluia (Hallelujah) - Fiona J Mackenzie
Away in a Manger - Miss Paula Flynn
Christmas in Killarney - Carlyle Fraser
The Bells of Dublin/Christmas Eve - The Chieftains
Canadian Christmas Song - Eric Bogle
Fairytale of New York - Pogues & Kirsty MacColl
Christmas Day - John Spillane & Pauline Scanlon
English Market (Christmas Angel Song) - John Spillane
When a Child is Born - Sinead O'Connor & Danny O'Reilly
Mí na Nollag - Lúnasa
Up Mayo / Christmas Eve - Men of Worth
Silent Night - Judy Collins
Oiche Nollaig - Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh & Sharon Shannon
The Holly she bears a berry - Voice Squad
A Christmas Childhood / A Call to hope - Tommy Sands
Auld Lang Syne - The Tannahill Weavers

Tune in on or or on your mobile via the TuneIn app.

And Merry Christmas from everyone at Total Country Inchicore.
Pat Kiernan02/01/2019The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show continues into 2019 with some interesting old songs and rare vinyl recordings from the 1950s.

We are unable to identify 2 of the artists so hoping that the names of the mysterious singers will eventually be solved. If anyone out there knows, just drop up a line or text 089 484 1212

The great Mark Knopfler features & we also some rare & old tracks from Johnny Cash from 1955!

We also feature music from the 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's by various artists.

Just make contact for a full track listing.

The show goes out this Friday at 7pm and repeats on Saturday at 8pm on, or via those new smart speakers you got for Christmas through TuneIn or

Pat Kiernan22/01/2019With a nod to Tradfest this week, The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show conjures up another mix bag of Irish & English folk with some good ol' obscure American country featuring the Smith Bros. Dirt Band.

We got a couple of tracks from Joe Heaney, a renowned sean-nos singer from Connemara.

The Liverpool Spinners are in there along with Cork's Jimmy Crowley & Jimmy McCarthy & much more.

We finish out with a spoken track from the "Man in Black" himself, Johnny Cash.

Full track listing below.

Tune in via,, on the tunein or MyTuner apps, via your internet enabled radio and on Sonos speakers or on your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show airs 7pm Tuesday and Friday and at 8pm on Saturday.

Track Listing:
Phil Brown (The Painter)- Liam Clancy
Sailor's Hornpipe - Smith Bros. Dirt Band
War breaks out in Mexico- Smith Bros. Dirt Band
Paradise- Smith Bros. Dirt Band
Life’s a long song- Fairport Convention
The Plainsman- Fairport Convention
Rosie - Fairport Convention
When I was a Bachelor / John Stenson's reel - Jimmy Crowley & Stokers Lodge
There is no night - Jimmy MacCarthy
Someone to dance with- Sonny Condell
When first I came to Caledonia - Norma Waterson / Martin Carthy
My Heart's tonight in Ireland - Sweeney’s Men
The Leaving of Liverpool - The Liverpool Spinners
Cúnnla- Joe Heaney
Morrisey and the Russian Sailor - Joe Heaney
The Cremation of Sam McGee - Johnny Cash
Pat Kiernan30/01/2019We have another mixed show on this week's "Raggle Taggle"

Marlene Dietrich kicks it off, Beatles closes it out & in between we have The Corries, Bothy Band, Planxty, Johnny Cash, Clancy Bros & Tommy Makem + many others.

We've got tracks from the 60, 70's, 80's & 90's plus a couple of contemporary tracks from Peter Byrne & Conor Mahony that features Eilish Moore & The Josephine Marsh Band.

Listen out for the following:
Track Listing:
Lili Marlene - Marlene Dietrich
Westering Home - The Corries
The Isle of Skye - The Corries
The Rose of Allendale - The Corries
Sixteen Come Next Sunday - The Bothy Band
The Maids of Mitchelstown - The Bothy Band
Three Drunken Maidens - Planxty
The Good Ship Kangaroo - Planxty
The Foxy Devil - Christy Moore
My Singing Bird - Eilish Moore with Peter Byrne & Conor Mahony
Streets of London - Barry Moore (Luka Bloom)
Jackson - Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash
It ain't Me, Babe - Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash
Winds of Morning - Tommy Makem
When the Ship Comes In - The Clancy Brothers
The Rose In the Garden - The Josephine Marsh Band
Blackbird - The Beatles

Catch the Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show online at the following locations: or or
at 7pm this Friday and 8pm on Saturday.
Pat Kiernan30/01/2019On this week's CD TEX RADIO SHOW host Bill Green plays a choice selection of Texan Red Dirt Country music from the like of:




and More

So that's the CD TEX RADIO SHOW from Austin, Texas at 2pm this Thursday and Saturday on and all connected devices (TuneIn app or myTuner Radio app)
Pat Kiernan25/03/2019On this week's Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show, Finbarr brings us some interesting old music with 5 tracks lifted from an old cassette featuring old melodeon players from East Anglia in England.

The recordings were made around 1968 in a Pub located at Saxmundham railway Station in Suffolk, the Railway Pub has since closed down, what a shame!

The rest of the show is the usual mixture of tunes & songs from the 60's, 70's & 80's! He did stick in a wonderful instrumental from John H. Clarke which is from 2011! Finbar feels he has cheated a bit but we feel it compliments Pierre Bensusan who opened the set.

Full Track listing below:

Make sure you tune in Tuesday and Friday at 7pm and Saturday at 8pm on, or on your connected device through the TuneIn app (search Inchicore)

Track Listing:
Before the Deluge - Christy Moore
The travelling people - The Johnstons
Dublin Jack of all trades - The Johnstons
The Flower of Northumberland - The Johnstons
My Love, Cape Breton & Me - Roger Whittaker
England - Roger Whittaker
The Morning Dew - The Chieftains
No. 6 the Coombe - The Chieftains
Up against the Buachalawns - The Chieftains
The Pure Drop / The Flax in Bloom - Pierre Bensusan
Banks of Red Roses - De Danann
A Walk to The Lake - John H. Clarke
Two Little Girls in Blue - Oscar Woods
Dennington Polka - Dolly Curtis
The Entertainer - Dolly Curtis
Tiger Smith's Jig - Jen Newson
Oh Joe the Boat is going over / King's Polka / Father's in the Pig Sty - Percy Brown
Back home in Derry - Christy Moore

Shea Carroll 26/03/2019Pat, some excellent tunes & songs listed but surely the "country " genre is a misnomer. To me it's more of a "roots " "Americana " "folk & trad" kinda thing going on. Anyway good luck with it.
Pat Kiernan08/04/2019Thanks Shea.

You are spot on, for The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show in any rate. We also have Texan Red Dirt music from Bill Green on the CD TEX Radio Show (Tues/Thurs/Sat at 2pm), whilst Andrew Hornick plays a nice selection of classic country on the Weekend WrapUp Sundays 12pm and 8pm. Ben from Ben's Country Music Show (Wed 2pm, Sat 4pm) brings us the best in hot new country with some Roots and Americana thrown in for good measure, whilst Irish In The Afternoon (Mon- Sat 12pm) is 100% Country N'Irish. And don't forget our 'Dolly After Dark' show, 60 minutes of non-stop Dolly Parton nightly at 10pm.

We have a selection of classic, and new country, with C&W, C&I, folk, Cajun, Roots and Americana in the general playlist at all other times.

In fact, we're totally country, in all its forms, hence the name TOTAL COUNTRY. And our tag line, we're bringing Country to the 'Core - or we're Country to the Core.

Hope you'll find something in there that suits.

Kind regards,


PS, don't forget, straight from the terraces of Richmond Park we broadcast post match interviews from guys at The All Saints Radio Show, during the drive time programme between 5 and 7pm, Mon - Fri.
Pat Kiernan10/06/2019Howdy y'all,

Just to remind you that Finbar is back with another edition of The Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show on Total Country Inchicore this Tuesday and Thursday ate 7pm and Saturday at 8pm.

He has kindly provided us with a run down of what you can expect on the show this week.

Last Train to Glory - Arlo Guthrie
Two White Horses - Rita Connolly
Aberdeen Angus - Tir Na Nog
Eyelids into Snow - Scullion
Cooler at the edge - Sonny Condell
Someday we'll meet again sweetheart - Sunny Bluegrass
That's my Pa - Grady and the good Guys
Muleskinner Blues - Dale Crider
Doin' my time - Dale Crider
This old Town - Nanci Griffith
Cavan Girl - Barleycorn
Victor Jara - Christy Moore
Another Train - The Poozies
Sweet Daffodil Mulligan - Barry Gleeson
The Slip Jigs and Reels - Barry Gleeson
What will we do when we have no money? - Barry Gleeson
Fhir a' Bhata - The Johnstons

You can tune in on your mobile phone, tablet or smart speaker. Search Total Country Inchicore on the following apps: Tunein, MyTunerRadio and

You can also tune in via
Pat Kiernan22/07/2019On this week's Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show, we have found another recording of Eilish Moore on an old cassette tape & it sounds pretty good, actually Eilish kicks the show off.

Finbar has got some old vinyl recordings of Luke Kelly from 1964 where he is joined by Dave Phillips, there are also two songs from Paul Lenihan. We don't have any details on him, so if anyone can shed any light, then please get in touch.

There is a Céilí set, Country & bluegrass set & Jimmy Crowley & The Pecker Dunne are in there as well.​

So that's all on the Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show this Tuesday and Friday at 7pm and Saturday at 8pm on Total Country Inchicore.

Available on your phone and tablet via TuneIn and MyTunerRadio apps, and online: Just google Total Country Inchicore for your favourite online radio platform.
Pat Kiernan10/09/2019It's another mixed bag on this week's Raggle Taggle Celtic Folk Show.

There are some recordings from the 60's from Tom Dunphy & the Royal Showband, Johnny McEvoy is in there as well with Jimmy Crowley.

There is a real old folkie female set included featuring Judy Dyble, Julie Felix, Shirley Collins & Barbara Dickson.

There is the New Zealand Maori set & a smashing Irish Trad set from Packie Duignan & Seamus Horan & we finish out with the delightful Veronica Dunne

Do Tune in on your mobile phone searching for Inchicore on the Tune In app, or log onto The show airs Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm and Friday at 8pm.

Here's the Track Listing:

Raggle Taggle Gypsy / Tabhair dom do lamh - Planxty ​

One sure thing - Fairport Convention ​

Port Mahon - Julie Felix ý ​

Banks of the Bann - Shirley Collins ​

Witch of the Westmereland - Barbara Dickson ​

If I didn't have a dime - Royal Showband ​

Those brown eyes - Johnny McEvoy ​

The Singing Bird - Ludlow Trio ​

Fox and the Hare - Jimmy Crowley ​

Canoe Poi / 3 Maori Trad Songs / Farewell Song - Rotorua Whaka Maori Concert Party ​

Shores of Lough Gowna / Rose and the Heather - Packie Duignan / Seamus Horan ​

Devero the Dancer / Connie the Sailor - Packie Duignan ​

Bridie Morley / Duignan's favourite - Packie Duignan / Seamus Horan ​

Dinny Ryan's Reel - Seamus Horan ​

I dreamt I dwelt in Marble Halls - Veronica Dunne
Pat Kiernan29/09/2019On this week's "Raggle Taggle" show we have a nice British folk set featuring Maddy Prior, Ray & Archie Fisher + Anne Briggs. We have a set that features the amazing Emmylou Harris where she is joined by Rodney Crowell & also with Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits fame.​

We got some Irish legends in there as well with Christie Hennessy, Christy Moore, Jimmy Mac & Luka Bloom, we've got the Both Band & Altan for some traditional magic too.

To hear it all, tune in via or the TuneIn app this Tuesday and Friday at 7pm and Saturday at 8pm.