St Patrick's Athletic's proposal for St Michael's Estate

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Elaine04/05/2018Just curious to know what are the opinions in the area on the proposal recently announced by St Pats for "a major development at St Michael's Estate in Inchicore, to include new homes and an Inchicore Town Centre with state-of-the art retail, leisure and community facilities on top of which would sit the club's new stadium."

My initial thought was that this was pie in the sky, and would never happen. However, it is interesting to read the attached link.

A new retail development, and civic facilities, would be a big bonus for the area. But I will be always opposed to the addition of further social housing to the area - there is too much of a concentration as it stands.
Wendy07/05/2018Really hope this goes ahead as the last thing the area needs is more public housing.

If it does go ahead then social housing will be obligatory, it is the only condition under which they will be allowed to acquire public lad.

I was speaking to a friend in Fatima/Herbeton apartments a few days ago. Almost all of the new apartments down there are now social housing, most private tenants who did buy there got out after a short while. There are still a few who cannot afford to move out. As my friend said, the end result of their much vaunted 'public private partnership' to regenerate he area has basically been to build spanky new apartments for the locals who used to live in Fatima Mansions flats. The huge bulk of new housing units, both apartments and houses, that came out of that regeneration are now social housing.

I am not expressing an opinion on whether that is a good or a bad thing.
raymond10/05/2018Pats will not get the go ahead as there are another two plans on the table. DCC have plans for 420, 50% private, 30% social and 20% affordable. Then there is another plan which I am not sure of. It is called Fair Rent,
150 social and150 for people who cannot get social housing, that's what I was told from someone at the Launch. There are also over 200 apartments to be built by the owner of St Pats, at the rear of Emmet Road, planning permission approved.
Breda10/05/2018I agree with Raymond about the plans. I don't agree with a stadium, 12,000 seater with 350 car parking spaces. There would have to be concerts since Pats normally only have about 600 supporters. It would be a night considering there is a nursing home, Bulfin Court senior citizens and another 52 units for seniors to be built shortly beside Richmond Barracks. It would overshadow Richmond Barracks and Goldenbridge Cemetery and it would not be an asset to the community I live in. We fought the stadium before and we won, we will fight again and win.
Andrew 10/05/2018Hi All, anything that improves the quality of life for all is a super addition to the community. While concerns may be there for concerts or matches these times and events are regulated. We live in a city and a society where the needs of all must be balanced and increasing the access to property for sport, arts and culture is really positive considering half a million tourists need more artisan retail and food hubs in the city.