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Rick P.19/03/2018I am writing from outside Ireland. I would be most grateful if anyone could help me bring a quest to a satisfactory conclusion. Let me elaborate.

Many, many years ago, in fact as far back as 1968, I worked at a motor factors in Chapelizod. I still remember catching a number 11 bus from Harold's Cross to the Quays just off O'Connell Bridge where I caught yet another bus, one of those old rear-entrance buses like the old Routemasters that existed in London at the time. There, at this motor works, I became very good friends with an Irishman, called Joe Murphy. He lived in 62 Railway Avenue, Inchicore, where another one of those old double-decker buses used to be waiting at a stop across what was then just an open playfield area, no fencing or enclosed area as I have seen on Google Maps. Later on, when I went back abroad to work, but I still used to come across to Inchicore for my holidays and stayed with Joe Murphy and family, in a small terraced house. Although they in those days lacked the amenities we take for granted in today's world, their welcome and hospitality to me, I very much doubt I can ever find again. As my parents were abroad and I was a foreigner, I still considered them as my 'adopted parents'.

I even introduced Joe to a French lady who was to later on become his wife. They got married in Marseilles. Over the years, as days slipped into weeks, and weeks into months, and months into years, we gradually lost touch as in the early 70s-late 90s, there was no such thing as the universal Internet, and the modes of communications that we take for granted today. All I recall was, that I one day I did make contact with Joe, by phone, twenty odd years later. Joe was not one given to writing letters. Again, we lost touch, although I did come over with a friend to the same house in 1997 but do not recall if I did or did not meet Joe's parents, but I think I did meet his sister, Rita. He also had a younger brother, Sean, but if I remember correctly, he had gone over to England. By then, that open playground had a railing all around and the enclosure inside.

I then wrote the Murphy Family a letter in January 2017 but have no idea if anybody there ever received that letter, read it, or disposed of it.

Hence, I turn towards this Forum, to see if anyone remembers that Murphy family who lived in 62 Railway Avenue, Inchicore, or failing that has anyone got any black & white photographs of that particular area, Inchicore or Railway Avenue, they would not mind sharing via scans, email attachments, etc for a diary of my life, now aged 70, that I am compiling together.

Hopefully, this blind shot in the dark, will result in either a positive or a blank end, response.

Thanking you.
S21/03/2018Cant help you out with any details but found this on Google

I would imagine the street hasnt changed much apart from the cars
Rick22/03/2018Thanks, S, but not really what I was looking for. A load of rail enthusiasts images, advertising houses, etc. Even the park opposite the houses on Railway Avenue is today's look with its railing fence.

What I am after is images, be they black+white or colour, dating from say 1966 to 74, not the 21st century.
Rick25/03/2018I cannot believe, that in this day and age, of ultramodern methods of exchanging communication, media, etc, etc, it is so difficult to get any black & white, or colour images of the 60s-80s of Inchicore or Railway Avenue, in particular.

Really amazed. Well, continue to live in hope a miracle could yet occur.
Rick20/04/2018Does anyone, anywhere have any information, whatsoever, whatever tit-bit of info, on my long-lost friends Sean Patrick Murphy and family that lived at 62 Railway Avenue?

Sons were called Joe, and Sean, and a sister called Rita.

Would be very grateful.
MurphyE25/04/2018Hi Rick

This is my Dadís, Fatherís family home!! Iím doing some work on our family tree and came across your post. Please feel free to communicate with me directly
MurphyE25/04/2018Hi Rick

This is my Dadís, Fatherís family home!! Iím doing some work on our family tree and came across your post. Please feel free to communicate with me directly
MurphyE25/04/2018Hi Rick

This is my Dadís, Fatherís family home!! Iím doing some work on our family tree and came across your post. Please feel free to communicate with me directly
Rick25/04/2018Dear MurphyE

By your father's home, do you mean Joe, who worked with me at Smiths Distributors, in Chapelizod, or Mr Sean Patrick Murphy?

Whichever, all I can say is OMG! I cannot believe miracles can actually happen if you are on the right track about this wonderful Family, that I still fondly cherish the times I spent with them, from 68-70s.

I am lost for words.
Rick26/04/2018Hi MurphyE

How do I communicate with you directly, then?
MurphyE27/04/2018Hi Rick

Apologies, only just back online. I spoke to my Dad and as far as he knows Rita still lives in the family home (62 Railway Avenue) Sean Jr passed away a few years ago and the last time he heard from Joe he was living in Tallaght, Dublin 24! Thatís all I have for you at the moment, I will keep you updated if I find out anything further!! EM
MurphyE27/04/2018Hi Rick

Are you on Facebook? Joe Murphy appears to be there 😊
Rick27/04/2018Hi MurphyE

No need for apologies, quite understandable.

This amazing find just gets better and better. Thanks to Inchicore.info.

I did write a letter to 62 Railway Avenue in 2017 but my letter was neither returned as 'Undeliverable' nor did I receive a reply, from Rita, who will remember me if she lives there.

I thought that Sean Murphy would have passed away. May he R.I.P., a real lovely man. What about Mrs Murphy?

I am so happy to know that my old friend, Joe, still lives in Tallaght as I still have his address. Will try and write to him, again, as he never writes back. Unfortunately, as I have been proved right with the revelations that have emerged recently about Facebook and how it sells users data, I never ever went anywhere near it!

Am I right in guessing that your dad is Joe's younger brother, whom i also knew?

Keep up this fantastic 'miracle' going. I listen ton RTE every single day and night!

Kind regards.
Rick02/05/2018Hi MurphyE

Have we come to a halt with this thread or is it that you have not had an opportunity to be online again?

The address I have for Joe. Is it still 55-------Dublin 24?

Rick04/05/2018Hi MurphyE

As I have not heard from you awhile,wrote to Joe today to that Tallaght address.

Hope to hear more good news from you as and when you can manage.
Rick12/05/2018Hi MurphyE

What's happened lately? All of a sudden hopeful signs of information about Joe, etc just seems to have evaporated.

Either you have not been online for a while or have been told to 'muzzle up' ? Which is it? Hopefully, I may still yet get to hear from you.