English Language lessons

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SG28/06/2017Im looking for someone who would do a few hours of english language lessons for a Spanish family with 2 children during the month of August in inchicore?
tefl trained would be a bonus but past experience is more important.
Clodagh Sheanon29/06/2017Hi there. I'm a primary school teacher & have spent a few Summers teaching teenagers English in Moyle Park Language School. I may be interested in your vacancy. Can you tell me a bit more about what you're looking for...level of English, hours, etc. Thanks Clodagh.
Deirdre06/07/2017Sorry about the delay in coming back. They are looking for 3 hours a day (probably just 5 days a week). They are a family of 4 - kids are 6 and 9 and have basic English and the parents have medium English. They will be doing a family class together in a school for one of the weeks in the mornings. I expect they would want classes to start on the 1st of August until the 18th. If interested I'll pass on your details so you can discuss cost etc
SG 10/07/2017Hi Clodagh,
Are you still interested? If so please send on a message and we will link you up with the family
Clodagh11/07/2017Hello. Apologies I didn't get any notification by the site that you had replied. Unfortunately I have other commitments now. Hope you find somebody that can help. Regards, Clodagh.