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Sean12/05/2017Hi All,

Not sure how many people received a leaflet through the door in regards a meeting about the St Michael's estate (think organised by People before Profit) and the concern that DCC are in the process of selling off the land to the highest bidder and won’t create enough social houses for the area.

Am I the only one who thinks this would not be a bad thing for the area? Would it be better if we had more private housing in the area with more families coming in. Maybe we would get more restaurants etc if this was the case. It just seems to me that Inchicore already has a lot of social housing and that most of the issues in the area re anti-social behaviour is from people in social housing (I am not saying all people from social housing cause problems just a minority).

Inchicore being located where it is should be a thriving suburb where a lot of young professionals/ famalies would desire to live. I believe if houses were built for this demographic it would only enhance the area. Anybody any comments on this?
St. Michael's Estate Regeneration Team 12/05/2017Dear Sean, Just to clarify that is is the St. Michaels Estate Regeneration Team who are organising these meetings and not People Before Profit. The Team have been involved in Housing issues and Regeneration for the past 17 years. We would be delighted to see you at the meeting so that we could clarify and you could put forward any proposals you may have. Guest Speaker on the evening is Tom Healy from the Nevin Economic Institute who has just completed a major research project around housing. Thank you
Clare12/05/2017Hello. I live in Inchicore but didn't get a letter about this. Could somebody please tell me where and when the meeting is taking place, as I would like to attend. Thank you.
St. Michael's Regeneration Team13/05/2017Hi Clare,
The public meeting will take place in the St. Michael's Parish Centre this coming Monday 15th of May at 7pm, we hope to see you there
Regeneration Team
Sean13/05/2017Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I won't be able to make the meeting but I hope there is a decent turnout with some great ideas. This could be vital for the area.
Sean13/05/2017Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I won't be able to make the meeting but I hope there is a decent turnout with some great ideas. This could be vital for the area.
kEgan14/05/2017I concur with Sean, and it would be great to have more working families in the area which already has more than its quota of DCC social housing.

We did not get any notification of meeting , and unfortunately date not suitable.

Could organizers put any further dates up on this forum as we received no leaflets
Johnboy 15/05/2017Please God it will be sold to the highest bidder to build private housing! Council housing only brings travellers and people with addiction problems, Inchicore has had enough of that! Why should people who will never work, take and sell drugs get free housing near the city centre? And what is wrong with people who get free housing? Why do you behave so anti social?
Johnboy 15/05/2017Everyone has a story to tell, Inchicore has enough hard luck stories, move on now please, plenty of room in the rest of Dublin for hard luck stories, Inchicore is full!

Any updates from the meeting/ How did it go? Many people attend etc...

Johnboy even though I hear where you are coming from I think you are a little harsh in the way you said it.
kEgan18/05/2017Would be good to hear how meeting went on Monday from anyone there or St. Michael's Regeneration Board? Am sure there are minutes of meeting?

Rosaleen Quinlan 18/05/2017The last press release on website seems to be from 2008- a little odd? I wasn't clear from the leaflet who was involved either...
raymond23/05/2017I would just like to say that leaflets mainly go to people living in social hosing and to the seniors in Bufin Court. I live in social housing and certainly do not want any more social. We need a boost for Inchicore and young working people to make Inchicore a better place. the 10 acre site was Keogh Sq and Michael's Estate and it gave us a very bad name. We need energy from young people to make Inchicore a vibrant community.
kEgan23/05/2017Raymond, I hope you made your opinions know at meeting or to the Regeneration Board, as it is first hand and thank you for sharing with us, we all agree.
carmel25/05/2017I agree with everything Raymond said, however I know that the Regeneration Board only want to keep Inchicore as a disadvantage area. I was involved for many years on committees and know from experience that certain groups want to keep their jobs, so that is why they keep saying we need more social housing. Most of the people on the Regeneration Board don't live in Inchicore, I could name the people that are fighting to keep us a deprived area. A lot of people blame one group telling the people of St Michael's Estate to hang on for a better deal and it took years to get that site demolished. The decision was made in 1998 to demolish and this group objected to every plan. The first plan was the best, 3 estates on the site, a mix of private and social, all houses.
Tim26/05/2017Did anyone notice a burning smell of plastic in the area last night. I'm new to the Bulfin estate and the smell was very strong around our area. I have since learned it is coming from the area up in St Michael's. People are buring wire to get copper I believe. I presume the people are doing this live in social housing up there? And we want to add more. I'd have to agree with other more Social housing in the area will lead to even more problems then the area currently has