Inchicore Terrace South / CIE Works

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Alan21/04/2017Hi All,
I am looking at moving into the area and had a number of questions about Inchicore Terrace South in particular.

Parking - Is parking an issue on Inchicore Terrace South? Is it possible to park in the lane behind the terrace or is this lane used for the bin lorries / access?

2. Anti-Social behavior - the CIE works seems to have a very different vibe to the rest of Inchicore is there much anti social behaviour?

Is there anything else I should know about Inchicore Terrace in particular?

Many thanks Alan
Jonathan24/04/2017Parking seems to be at a premium on South Tce. I think some non-residents leave their cars there and go to work or into town for the day. There is also a garage/workshop on South Tce who do car repairs and you will sometimes find customers cars parked along the street.

You won't be able to park in the lane as cars use it as a short cut onto South Tce.

The estate is generally very quiet with hardly any anti-social behaviour. The only time it gets noisy is when there's a party on in the sports & social club and they roll out in the early hours. Thankfully it only happens occasionally.

It does get noisy early in the morning when the workers are going up to the CIE Works. Unfortunately there is only one entrance/exit into the estate and you get lots of heavy goods vehicles passing by your door. We even have the occasional train on a low loader leaving the works in the early hours!

It's a lovely place to live. It's like a little oasis of tranquility! Good lucj with your move.
Tadhg1724/04/2017Hello Alan,

Parking is only on the street, the lane behind South Terrace is needed for access and bin lorries. Some people have made space in their back gardens to park their cars. You should get parking on South Terrace otherwise there is plenty of parking space in the Square by the Sports and Social club.
The estate is very quiet and there hasnít been anti-social behaviour in the last 12 months. There was a few car break ins 12 months ago at the back of estate on North Terrace by the pedestrian exit and also on St Patricks Terrace 15 months ago. There is a laneway between South and North Terrace where there has been some illegal dumping twice last year. There is residents association and a very alert neighbourhood watch group that you can join so really the last 18 months has been very quiet. A lot of residents look out for each other and take good care of the estate. There is very good community spirit in the estate and Inchicore as well and I am very happy living in the estate. I live around the corner from South Terrace and I have not had any issues in the last 3 years. A lot of the estates in Inchicore like Woodfield Terrace, Tyrconnell Park and the Bulfin Estate are very nice as well so not sure how you got a different vibe.
Also There is a Sports and Social Club in the CIE Works which is very active and is a great place to get to know people in the estate. There is a CIE Works weekend festival in August plus a street feast in June. I have got the know a lot of people in the estate through different events/residents association and people living there are very friendly. The estate has the Memorial Gardens on your doorstep, the river Liffey walk up to Chapelizod. The Royal Hospital Kilmainham gardens are down the road and the Phoenix Park is a short cycle away. The positives totally outweigh any negatives living in the estate. Good luck with the move.
Tom26/04/2017Have you any details for the neighborhood watch? Would be interested in joining. There was an attempted break-in on Abercorn Tce last night.
Tom, You can send an email to with your contact details and they will add you to the residents email and neighbourhood watch group. The neighbourhood watch group is on WhatsApp so you will need WhatsApp on your phone to join.