Next cleanup Village April 1st | Plus BIG Canal Cleanup April 22nd

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IEG21/03/2017Hello all

Our next cleanup is Saturday April 1st - no seriously it is - and we'll be meeting at the Workman's Club at 10am. We'll pick till 11.30 and then pop into the Black Lion for a cup of tea. Pickers and gloves to be supplied though if you have your own bring them along.

Normally we'd be back at the Canal by now but there is a big big Canal Cleanup planned for Saturday April 22nd - Dublin Canals Action Day - when a coalition of groups will be cleaning both the Royal and Grand canals from their docks all the way out nearly as far as the M50. There'll be more info on this over the next while but for you you can keep in touch with them at

So, hope to see you on Saturday April 1st for a spruce up of the village,.