my mothers history

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gary smith22/02/2017

from gary smith

Hi I am Kathleen harris
son, she lived in Inchacore till she left for liverpool/ southport in the late 1940s and married chris smith in 1949 she has a sister marie now marie scruby living in the uk in cambridge another sister called Emmy I think, any info please? Kathleen died in 1998.
thanks Gary smith.
catherine currivan 03/08/2011 There are a few Harris families listed in Inchicore in the 1911 Irish census-fifteen years before Kathleen was born but her parents may be among them It's under DED Kilmainham.
gary smith22/02/2017sorry Kathleen Harris was born on 20/june/1926
perhaps you know the church she was baptised at?
patrick foley24/03/2018Was Kathleen mothers maiden name Lawless
Gary smith29/08/2018I don't know her maiden name I'm sorry
Gary31/08/2018Her first name was Maud I was told by Michael's church in Inchicore
Gary03/09/2018The address was 19 Stephens rd. at Michael's gave me the info they say it was Arthur and Maud their first names.