Social Enterprise and your Community

Date: 11th Jun 2015

When Thursday 11th June 2015 Time 5.30pm - 7pm Venue Inchicore Sports and Social Club, CIE Estate This is an open free event to inform people about what exactly social enterprise is all about. It will include local social entrepeneurs talking about their businesses. It would be of interest to anyone hoping to set up a social entreprise, the local community, community development workers and anyone who is interested in socio-economic regeneration and helping the most excluded people in our society back into the work place. We are looking at a speaker series to promote social enterprise, community benefit clauses and procurement opportunities in regards to regeneration and the building of the new national children's hospital. We will have 4 exciting speakers from successful Irish Social Enterprises that will be telling their story and have Q&A following refreshments will be provided Here are the speakers bios and there will be an interactive Q & A at the end . John Murphy, CEO, Speedpak The Speedpak Group - Trading, Training, Transforming™. Speedpak is a social enterprise that uses its contract packing and Shamrock Rosettes businesses to provide work and training opportunities to local long-term unemployed people from disadvantaged communities. In the last 20 years we have provided over 700 placements to people living in the North Dublin area. Our vision is to build our business, to provide work opportunities, to end long term unemployment. We achieve this though our mission of providing real work experience, accredited training, mentoring, tailored interventions and supports to long term unemployed people in a successful commercial business environment. Jamie Regan, CEO, Speedpak Hand on Heart is all about creating jobs for people with disabilities. Using a new 'Social Enterprise' model, we are developing self-sustaining enterprises that create jobs for people with various disabilities in truly inclusive work settings. Our innovative approach of developing teams of people with different disabilities means that we focus on peoples abilities, rather than their disabilities Jenny Irvine, CEO, Irvinestown Irvinestown Trustee Enterprise Company Ltd Irvinestown Trustee Enterprise Company Ltd (ITEC) aims to cultivate a climate of enterprise, to create employment opportunities and to promote the economic and social development of Irvinestown. ITEC aims to increase economic development and employment opportunities in the town of Irvinestown and surrounding hinterland by active community participation in job creation and the promotion and creation of further job opportunities; to work in partnership with other agencies to target and address social need and improve the conditions of community life. ITEC has a pool of "voluntary expertise" and this human resource capital is used to design, implement and evaluate economic development locally and to assist small business start-up. Tom Daly, Development Manager Elsa Security ELSA Security is a community benefit company, part funded by Pobal to create local employment. The company was formed as a joint venture between local residents and local & state agencies to ensure security on local facilities and create local employment. Our staff are resident in Darndale and would be known to the local community. The have the respect of the local community and they have the benefit of, in most cases, being able to identify and deter any potential local troublemakers. ELSA Security seeks to provide training and employment opportunities for those most distanced from the labour market. Our target groups for employment have included; Long Term Unemployed, members of the Traveller Community, Stabilised former drug mis-users and disabled. We have provided secure employment to local people drawn from these target groups and we also provide training and work experience opportunities in partnership with local and state agencies. Please register, bring a friend and hope to see you there!