Date: 4th Sep 2010

www.kilmainhamartsclub.wordpress.com kilmainham.arts.club@gmail.com 11.30am - 1.30pm Saturday 4th September, The Patriots Inn, Kilmainham Three fascinating and hugely entertaining historical slide-shows with two engaging speakers Liam O'Meara and Tess Buckley as part of Kilmainham Arts Festival. Free and open to all. Liam O'Meara - Dublin Churches of St Nicholas In particular, St. Nicholas of Myra, the main church serving the Liberties area. The present church is built on the site of a former church which was the pro-cathedral for 10 successive Archbishops. In ancient times a Franciscan monastery stood here, recalled today by the naming of Francis Street. The show examines the Protestant and Catholic histories present in the parishes and explores the fascinating story of how the Isle of Man was once a part of the parish of Francis street. There is also a somewhat humorous account of the life of St. Nicholas or Santa Claus. Liam O'Meara -The Bayno- a History of the Iveagh Trust Playcentre. Dublin’s first play centre. Includes very rare photographs not available to the public, but included with the Iveagh Trust’s permission and approval in the accompanying book of the same name. The book/ slide show examines the times before the play centre was introduced, highlighting the problems in the tenements and the slums cleared by Edward Cecil Guinness, “Dublin’s Great Benefactor.” A history Myra House, where the centre was originally located, is included and the origins of the name Bayno and the Bayno song. Tess Buckley - Discovering Kilmainham Tess Buckley's fascinating insight into the life of the women prisoners in Kilmainham Jail. A photographic journey into cells not open to public focusing on the graffiti and art of the prisoners. Discovering Kilmainham Jail…a photographic journey through the corridors of time. Kilmainham Jail was opened in 1796 and closed finally in 1924 after 128 years. Today the jail is one of Ireland’s premier visitor attractions. Kilmainham Jail was saved from dereliction back in the 1960s by volunteer workers who came together to form the ‘Kilmainham Jail Restoration Society‘. More than two hundred volunteers worked tirelessly to preserve and restore the building in memory of all those who gave their lives in the fight for Irish freedom. This presentation is a visual journey focusing on the hidden world that remains today beyond the tourist trail. Images capturing the haunting atmosphere of ‘Ireland’s Bastille’ and graffiti from the Civil War period 1922 - 1924 will be revealed in this audio visual presentation by the photographer Tess Buckley. --